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If you fear that you have asbestos in your Berwyn Illinois home, it should be tested and then removed by trained professionals.  Northern Environmental Development (NED), Inc. safe and effective asbestos testing and removal services and can remove the asbestos in your home, and keep your family safe.  

Berwyn, Illinois is a charming city that boasts a rich architectural heritage, with homes that reflect the diverse cultural influences that have shaped the community over the years. Berwyn’s housing stock is primarily composed of bungalows, cottages, and other styles of single-family homes, many of which were built in the early to mid-20th century. These homes are known for their unique architectural details, such as stained glass windows, brick facades, and ornate woodwork.  Because of the early to mid 20th Century construction, most Berwyn homes have some risk of having Asbestos built into the home at some point in time.

Our professional asbestos removal process will seal off the asbestos and then carefully remove the materials to prevent further spread and health risk  For over 20 years, home owners in the Chicagoland area have trusted Northern Environmental Development to keep their family safe. Trust us to handle your asbestos removal needs with the utmost care and expertise.

Whether the Asbestos is found in floor tile in your home, in the veiling, insulation or ducts  NED utilizes a professional, thorough, and safe approach to your Asbestos problem.

Based in Chicago, we have completed hundreds of projects including:

  • Asbestos Testing
  • Vinyl Floor tile removal (asbestos tile removal)
  • Removal of Asbestos Ceiling Tile
  • Removal of Popcorn Ceilings
  • Pipe Insulation Removal
  • Removal of Asbestos from HVAC ducts
  • Removal of Asbestos Roof Shingles

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    Asbestos Removal in Berywn


    If you suspect asbestos in your home, the first step is to get a sample tested by a reliable lab. If Asbestos is confirmed, we will create a plan to remove or prevent exposure. The plan may include measures such as encapsulation, enclosure, or removal, depending on the severity of the hazard and building type. 


    We prioritize the safety of your home or building. We are licensed asbestos workers negative pressure enclosures to prevent the spread of asbestos. These measures ensure the safety of our workers and the surrounding area during the removal process. With our expertise, we can remove asbestos from your property while minimizing any health risks.


     NED works with the safety of you and your familly as our top priority.  Illinois Department of Public Health Licensed Asbestos Worker are utilized for every project.  State of the art methods including HEPA- filtered negative pressure enclosures are utilized.

    Asbestos Abatement for Home and Commercial Buildings in Berwyn

    We’re here to assist you, whether you’re a homeowner dealing with asbestos problems like tile, popcorn ceiling, or siding, or a commercial property owner. As experts in environmental testing and asbestos abatement with over 30 years of experience, we provide more than just removal services. In fact, we have our own laboratory and specialized knowledge to accurately assess the presence of asbestos and create a comprehensive plan to address the issue. With our expertise, you can trust that your property is in good hands.

    How can I tell if asbestos is in my home or office?

    Asbestos can be found in many materials, including floor and ceiling tiles, HVAC ducting, piping, furnace insulation, sprayed-on fireproofing and sound insulation, siding, and even certain types of paint. Unfortunately, asbestos fibers are impossible to smell, see, or taste, and can only be identified through laboratory testing. Therefore, if you suspect that your home or office contains asbestos, it is crucial to have it tested by licensed asbestos removal contractors. As part of their full range of services, these professionals can provide you with testing that can confirm whether or not there are asbestos-containing materials in your property and the best plan of action if asbestos is identified.

    Why is it important to have a professional handle asbestos removal in your house?

    Asbestos exposure can lead to serious health problems, and the removal of asbestos should be handled with utmost care. This process should always be handled by professionals as the removal of asbestos can create more of the dust that is linked to these health hazards. Asbestos removal should only be done by licensed asbestos removal contractors who are trained to handle hazardous materials safely and effectively. Professional asbestos removal contractors will have the necessary equipment, protective gear, and expertise to ensure that asbestos removal is conducted safely and efficiently.

    Why Choose NED for Asbestos Removal


    We have been providing asbestos removal services for over 30 years and have developed a wealth of experience in the field. Our technicians are trained and certified in all aspects of asbestos removal, ensuring that the job is done right the first time.


    We follow all necessary safety protocols to ensure that the asbestos is removed safely and without risk to your health. We take every precaution to protect both our technicians and your family from the harmful effects of asbestos.

    Customer Service

    At NED Chicago, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you understand the process and are satisfied with the results.

    Asbestos Removal FAQ

    How do I know if there is asbestos in my building?

    Asbestos can be difficult to identify visually, so it’s best to have a professional asbestos inspector conduct a thorough inspection of your building.


    Is asbestos dangerous?

    Yes, asbestos can be very dangerous if it is disturbed and its fibers become airborne. Inhaling asbestos fibers can cause serious health problems.


    How do I know if I need to remove asbestos from my home or building?

    If you have asbestos in your building that is in good condition and not likely to be disturbed, it may be safe to leave it in place. However, if the asbestos is damaged or likely to be disturbed, it’s best to have it removed by a professional asbestos removal company.


    How is asbestos removed?

    Asbestos removal involves sealing off the area and using specialized equipment and procedures to safely remove the asbestos-containing materials. The materials are then disposed of in accordance with local and federal regulations.


    How much does asbestos removal cost?

    The cost of asbestos removal varies depending on the size of the project, the extent of the asbestos contamination, and other factors. A professional asbestos removal company can provide a detailed cost estimate after conducting an inspection.


    Is it safe to occupy a home or building during asbestos removal?

    In order to safely remove the asbestos, the area must be sealed off, and anyone in the area must wear protective gear. In most homes, the homeowner can remain in the house while the asbestos is being removed.


    What should I do if I suspect asbestos in my home or building?

    If you suspect asbestos in your building it should be inspected by a professional to help determine the best course of action. Do not attempt to remove the asbestos yourself, as this can be dangerous.