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Asbestos Testing in Chicago for Residential 

Asbestos was a very common building material up until recently. While great efforts are being made to remove this exceedingly harmful material, asbestos can still be found in houses and commercial buildings. Extended exposure to asbestos is a recognized cause of malignant mesothelioma and other serious health hazards. According to OSHA, the is no safe level of asbestos exposure, and leaving an asbestos problem unchecked leaves you liable for the harm it can cause.

If you are interested in screening for asbestos problems in your new home, contact NED at 312-850-9010 or visit us at NEDChicago.com Most home inspectors are not trained nor licensed to perform environmental testing or analysis.  Protect your investment and your family by setting up an appointment with NED.  NED inspectors  sample and analyze building materials such as floor tile, pipe insulation, siding, attic insulation, lead paint and dust, mold air and surface tests.  Please contact us to discuss your purchase.