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Asbestos Tile Removal

Asbestos was a commonly used in building materials from the mid 1950’s until the 1980’s.  If you have a home with a basement that has not been remodeled, the floor tile in the basement could have asbestos in it, and this asbestos can be a problem.  At NED Chicago, we work with homeowners everyday who have floor tile that contains asbestos, and we create a cost effective, environmentally safe, and legal plan to remove and dispose of your asbestos tile.

The Asbestos Removal Process in Chicago

For decades, vinyl floor tile was used in homes across America.  As part of the manufacturing process, asbestos was added to the tile for binding and to give it fire retardant capability.  As more was learned about Asbestos  and it’s cancer risk, the manufacture of floor tile with Asbestos was stopped in the 1970’s (though inventory was sold much later).  As a result, most vinyl floor tile that was installed in homes prior to 1980, has a risk for containing Asbestos.

How do I know if my floor tile has Asbestos?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to tell by looking at the tile if it contains Asbestos.  Though the content of Vinyl Floor tile changed after the new Asbestos rules were put in place, the design and look of the tile didn’t.  Any floor tile removal project where Asbestos is suspected should begin with asbestos testing of the tile by a certified lab.  At NED Chicago, we send a representative to your home to get a sample of the tile, and then we test the tile by Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM) here in Chicago.

What is the risk to my family?

Continuing to live with Asbestos Floor Tile in your basement does pose a risk to your family.  If the tiles crumble, or if there is a demolition project (or even if you want to install new carpeting), there is a risk that the asbestos will be released into the air.   In fact, most carpet installers will not install carpet on top of Asbestos tile, just due to the risk of exposure.

My basement flooded, do I need to remove my vinyl floor tile

When Vinyl floor tile remains completely intact, there is much less risk for exposure to asbestos.  Unfortunately, old age and water can cause the tile to breakdown and crumble- and when tile crumbles it can release Asbestos.

Can I remove it myself?

We do not recommend removing Asbestos tile on your own as the risk of exposure is high.  When we perform asbestos tile removal, we create a HEPA filtered containment to prevent contamination.  Asbestos floor tile should only be removed by trained and licensed professionals.