Analytical Air Sampling and Field Analysis

Analytical Air Sampling and Field Analysis

All of our analytical staff, have been trained and certified under the NIOSH 582 asbestos fiber counting program, and have received training in field sampling and air sampling procedures as well as the requirements to become :

ASP (air sampling professional’s)

APM, (asbestos project managers)

Asbestos project designers

Asbestos inspectors

Asbestos management planners

Asbestos Project Supervisors

Asbestos workers

Lead Project Supervisors

Lead Inspectors

Lead Risk Assessors

Mold Inspectors

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Methods used for determining asbestos and other airborne particulates are :

PCM (Phase contrast microscopy) This type of sampling and analysis begins before the start of a project with background sampling, and continues for the duration of the project to ensure the integrity of the contained area, and that the engineering controls that have been implemented, are working according to their intended design.

TEM ( Transmission Electron Microscopy ) The most effective analytical procedure for determining if a particulate fiber is asbestos. This form of testing is generally performed at the end of a project for final clearance sampling to insure the area is clear. Key Benefits of on sight project management/air sampling professionals

PCM air sampling is an OSHA compliance regulation and is performed daily. The results help the project manager and sight supervisor make any necessary engineering control adjustments like adding more air filtration or usage of more water to keep the air borne fiber concentrations low. Field analysis is performed by the on sight project manager/air sampling professional, who can provide microscopic analysis. All seals, barriers, locked and regulated doorways, electrical and water supplies are checked on a routine basis by the on sight project manager.


About Northern Environmental Development Chicago

Northern Environmental Development (NED) has been servicing the Chicago area for over 20 years.  We offer a full spectrum of services that handle sensitive environmental situations, from Asbestos testing and removal, to Mold, lead paint and more.  We take a cautious and thorough approach to removing contaminants from your home and work space, and continually monitor our progress with testing and analysis.  We are a trusted provider – we have made Angie’s List as Super Service Award winner in 2011 and 2012 and we are LEED certified.  To ensure quality, our certified professionals perform all field work in accordance with OSHA, EPA and AHERA protocols.

NED’s staff consists of Illinois Department of Public Health licensed

Air Sampling Professionals


Management Planners

Project Designers

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